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“Let us go back. Let us work together and be together as husband and wife again,” Mary asked Mark one afternoon after the market closed and they stopped at a bench to rest.

Not many words had passed between the two after it had come to Mark’s knowledge that the child he raised as his own was not his. That his wife had been in the arms of another sim. Now, Edie had been sent away to a fancy school and life went on as if nothing had happened. But the two were not as they had always been, the coldness was icing and the distance abismal. Neither of them wanted what had happened, but still things were as they were.

“It will be alright,” Mark said and kissed his wife on her forehead before he got up to head back to their house. When she didn’t get up to follow him, he stopped and turned to her:

“Are you coming?”

And she did.


Loreena had been working a lot to gain skills in both cooking, handiness and gardening. She would soon go to the White Castle to be a servant to the d’Angerville family. The sudden passing of Thomas de Servant forced the family to find new help quickly, and now she was called to the White Castle in a few days. Lady Arabella d’Angerville had told her to learn how to cook and she intended to become the best cook who ever worked at the White Castle. She was quite content with the idea of becoming a servant, the solitude suited her and her neat trait gave her great satisfaction from cleaning. She was also quite curious about how life was at a noble castle and longed to see the ladies beautiful dresses and the castle’s great interiors.


“Now Loreena, when you go to the White Castle, make sure to be polite. Do not speak without being asked and always bow and if possible do not look them in the eyes,” instructed Mary while they were eating breakfast the day of her departure. “Be careful about the master or any other noble man, they are used to take whatever they want, and if he takes a fancy to you it will all go very bad for you. Do not invite them to converse, do not smile too much at them and for The Watcher’s sake, make sure never to be left alone with them. ”

“Yes mother,” Loreena said dutifully.

“Girls can never be careful enough, the loss of virtue in a girl is irretrievable, one false step will involve her in endless ruin. A girl cannot be too much guarded in her behaviour towards the undeserving of the other sex,” Mary continued.

“Learn from your mother’s mistake,” she sighed after a short pause.

“Yes mother.”

“You are a good girl,” Mary smiled at her daughter. “You are very fortunate and you will have a good life as a servant.”


After Loreena was sent away as a servant to the noble house of d’Angerville, Desirae put a lot of thought into her own future. She realized she wasn’t a common sim and she would most probably be a nuisance for her family all her life. The pursuit of her life time wish had already risen a lot of talk in the neighborhood. The next morning she took Pino out for the morning ride and went straight to the Aspen Woods Monastery. She asked to speak to her brother Burleigh, who had taken vows and become a monk recently. She told him about her thoughts and asked if maybe the monastery was a suitable place for her.

“You are always welcome here, sister,” he answered her. “But remember, the Aspen Woods Monastery is to follow the path of The Watcher and that path may not coincide with your own life time wish.”

“That is well by me,” she told him. “I would like to join.”


All the changes at home had suddenly made Sedgewick to start thinking about his own future, he would soon be a young sim and he had been left to care for the farm. His older siblings were leaving the nest. Mary and Mark were still in good health but it would soon be up to him to run the farm. He wanted to meet a nice girl and make a family, he had taken a fancy to the neighbor’s daughter, Juana, but she was still very young. Either way, he ought to marry soon.