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In pursuit of becoming a culinary librarian, Burleigh spent most of his time between the kitchen and the monastery library. There were quite a few good recepies to learn there, some old and forgotten ones that still could be worth a try in the kitchen. He was fascinated by what sims ate many years ago in Castle Keep. For the rest of the monastery it was fairly favourable to have a sim with such devotion to cook for them, however, sometimes the meals turned out to be more on the experimental side and unfortunately not so delicious, but few uttered words of complaint.


Desirae had joined the monastery, for her it was the only sensible path in life, and after speaking to her brother Burleigh she followed his steps. She had no interest in marriage and for a poor female sim from the lowest class of Castle Keep, there were few options. At the monastery she would be able to live a fulfilling life without being a burden to her family, and, most importantly, she would be free to pursuit her life time wish of becoming a Fairy Tale Finder. Life at the monastery did not impact her life negativetly at all, she found pleasure in the strict routine there, it gave her a sense of belonging and comfort.


Reverence for The Watcher, a passion and devotion that any sim who joined The Aspen Woods Monastery must have, if they could, was crucial for life at the monastery. But other things did interest the monks and nuns. For Helena it was the love for dogs. Many sims in Castle Keep did not care enough for them and there were quite a few strays around the Kingdom. Life was precious in all it’s forms and for Helena it was a mystery how sims could be so mean and careless with dogs. She had decided that she would take care and befriend as many dogs as her time allowed her. The dog Lulu, was one of those strays that Helena adopted and brought into the monastery, and although Lulu had been a bit reserverd at first, the two had grown into best friends.


One evening, when Desirae was out fishing at the Troll Swamp, she suddenly found herself in darkness as night fell without her noticing. The Troll Swamp was quite a bit away from the monastery and she realized that if she didn’t return quickly she might find herself in trouble. As she was gathering her things she noticed that she was not alone, but to her surprise, it was a friendly face that met her. It was a banner horse, she could hardly believe her eyes. Carefully she approached the beautiful creature to get to know it better. This was what she had been wishing for all her life.


Helenas wish to become a Canine Companion was well under way too, on her last visit to the pet shelter she adopted Lily, a puppy that had been found on the streets. The cute eyes of the soft and friendly creature were too hard for her to resist and she adopted Lily immediatly. The monastery household was certainly growing.