Tips & Tricks – Getting Started


Castle Keep- A Medieval Fiefdom
a medieval neighborhood with custom world by auntielynds

All Those Neighborhood Projects
a list of custom worlds and themed neighborhood projects

Story Progression & Aging
I use NRaas StoryProgression mod that allows me to set Story Progression on individual households.

You can play with aging on and storyprogression off, keep track of how many days you play each family and rotate the families. If you play with storyprogression on then alternate as much as possible between the families.

Warning, if your sim is pregnant and you have story progression on, if you switch families the baby will be born while you are away

Read up on story-progression on/off and aging on/off:
SimGuruLyndsay’s Blog

Getting started
Setting up this challenge may require a bit of work, to make everything smooth and balanced. Since I’ve been trying this out for a bit before settling for a play-mode, here is how I did it

Set Up The Neighborhood
1. I downloaded a custom pre-made world (without sims in it)
2. I removed the residential lots that I intended to play with and saved them to my library
2. Edited the buildings to suit my liking (before moving in any sims)
3. Then I added some “townies” that I’ve created myself or downloaded, tried to cover different careers, ages, etc.
4. I picked a “townie” household to play, turned story progression on and played for a while (this way, NPC’s and townies moved in automatically to fill out the jobs etc.)
5. Added my playable lots
6. Added my families and did a “set-up round”

Set Up Round
To get everybody in the neighborhood settled before I started to play, this is how I did:

1. I turned aging off
2. I moved in the first family, got them to join the careers I intended them to have
3. I moved in the next family and the next until all the families where settled
4. When it was time to move in the monastery household I also used the money cheat to make them owners of all the church related community lots (I have 2 churches and 1 graveyard in my neighborhood)
6. I also solved this issue
5. When I was ready with this I turned aging on again


TS2 Royal Kingdom Challenge stories:

The Kingdom of Tapria
Rock Valley
The Kingdom of Silvetia


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