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The life of a merchant’s wife was quite different from the life of a daughter of the nobility. There were many things that Velma had taken for granted while growing up that she now had to master on her own. With Tilton working long hours curing the sick of Castle Keep, she had to manage the household with only the help of a maid. It meant cooking the meals, managing the purse, going to the market and instructing the maid in the cleaning. While other ladies would have objected to such a life, Velma felt both useful and independent in a way she had never felt before.


The love and passion between Velma and Tilton was very strong and although their financial situation was not very stable it didn’t seem to concern the young sims. They were careless and happy, completely submerged in the clouds of a newly married couple. They would talk endlessly of their future and all the adventures they would conquer together.


It wasn’t all peaches though, Velma was a virtuouso and charismatic sim and her life time wish was to master the guitarr and charisma skills. She would mostly spend time at home practicing her skills for herself, but her ambitious trait was giving her trouble, she would sometimes feel anxious about not achieveing enough in life. As a married woman she was excluded from pursuing a career at the musical academy, maybe there was another way to become accomplished.


The companionship between Tilton and Velma was also very strong and they would spend endless hours in each others company without feeling the need of meeting anybody else. Velma, who had received a formal education, enjoyed reading the books her mother had left her, once in a while her father would also stop by and give her some new interesting volume he wished her to read. Surely it was also an excuse for him to stop by and see how life was at the Potters. Tilton had been deprived of the luxury of an education and had to resort to other measures to pursuit the improvement of his mind.


Finally Tilton and Velma felt they had enough simoleons that they could care for a horse and it seemed they were in luck since the local pet shelter had a beautiful horse named Manzanita that didn’t cost a simoleon to purchase. She was brave, which wasn’t a bad trait at all. It was a true gift to be able to keep a horse, it made Velmas life much easier, since she now could ride to the market and save a lot of time and effort.