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When Byram started spending the evenings at Ye Olde Seedy Tavern, his parents became a bit concerned regarding the type of company he might get himself acquainted with there. He assured them, however, that the owner ran a good business, apparently they had some kind of warehouse. Byram got an employment there and was bringing in a descent amount of simoleons. He seemed happy, had made friends and finally it seemed that he was on a good track in life. Maybe his parents had underestimated him, now that he had active employment his character appeared to improve.


What his family was not aware of, was that Byram’s seductive ambitions made him capable of risking everything. He would bring friends home from time to time, collegues, business partners of Ye Old Seedy Tavern’s lucrative warehouse business. Faye would throw together something simple but delicious to eat, and then Byram would take them out to look at the farm. That the scheme involved he seducing them with his charms, was not something that his family knew anything of. He was not doing it for the money, he told himself, it just was his seductive nature, he would meet a sim and fall over heals for them and then he would just not give up until he had woohooed with them.


Unfortunately for Byram, sims were jealous, if it was the monogamous norm of their world or the will of The Watcher, he did not know. It was only a matter of time until a lovers quarrel errupted. This time it was Orion Lawless, an influential sim that Byram had been in love with, a short while, he sought him out at his parents home. There was a commotion and a fire started. It was all accidental, Byram assured his parents, and with the help of his brother, they managed to put it out.


Faye and Nigel were not so sure that whatever Byram was working with was a descent and clean business. The amount of simoleons he was bringing in was too good to be true. But after years of concerns with simoleons, it was a nice change to just go about their business and not ask too many questions. Faye was occupied with her culinary ambitions and Nigel wanted to join the monastery when he became a young adult. If Byram would take over the household and support their parents, it was all good with them.


William had been able to pay his landlord, Lord Vaughan, in time this week. He had also been able to pay his debts to him, something he never thought would be possible, ever. It was all thanks to Byram and his success in business. To feel this content in life as William felt right now, was really a treasure, he continued with his fishing and pursuit of the perfect aquarium with ease.