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Little Edie returned from Smuggsworth Prep School, she had certainly grown into an accomplished young lady. She was charismatic, perfectionist and artistic, everything a young lady ought to be. Her flirty nature could be a problem if not held in check, but it could also be favourable to secure a good marriage. How odd her life had turned out, she thought, when returning to The Royal Castle. It seemed like a dream to be under the wing of The Royal Family after growing up in the most humble situation a sim of Castle Keep could grow up in. She was the protegée of The King Father to whom she was for ever greatful, and The Queen Mother had secured her that she would help her in arranging a good marriage for her. Her future looked bright.


The youngest of the royal children, Prince Lucius, soon also returned to The Royal Castle from his studies. As the youngest son his future was not so decided upon as his older brother’s. His father wished him to go into the clergy, but he wasn’t sure the monk life was something that suited him. He was an ambitious sim with high expectations on himself, he might pursuit business or politics, he could become an adviser to the King. Either way he wished for his own bit of land and home, and a wife and children, of course.


The Reaper came for The King Father, he had lived a long and fulfilling life, he was praised and loved by his subjects and although it mostly had been good, he had made some mistakes. He had long been retired from his position as king, leaving it to his son and heir, King Edmund II, but he had been part of his advisary board. The last years of his life had been a bit rough, his mistakes had alienated him from the love of his family. King Edmund II had distanced himself from him, the son was disappointed and hurt by how The King Father had treated The Queen Mother and all his children. They all played along for the gallery, but behind closed doors they never forgave him. It was a sad ending and when the reaper had taken Edmund I with him, King Edmund II made a promise to himself, that his reign would be one of virtue and loyalty, may he never bring such distress to The Royal Family as his father had done. He intended to be a great king, but also a great husband and father.


Although The Queen Mother had been quite unhappy in the last years together with The King Father, now that he was gone, she could not help but feel a slight emptiness. He had deceived her and broken her trust, but he had also been her life partner and they had had some good times together. She only let herself feel sorry very shortly, now she would dedicate herself to her children and their families. There was still important things to be done for The Royal Family, and she would continue to be of use to them all.


With The King Father dead Edie felt that her situation might no longer be as good as she thought. She watched all the contrived emotions the family went through from the sidelines and hoped that The Queen Mother would honor her promise. Although nobody ever said it to her face, she was well aware that she was the cause for the sadness and distress The Royal Family felt. She knew, that she was the bastard child of The King Father. Withought knowing how to act Edie immersed herself in the activities of a young lady, she painted, whe wrote and played music, all in the wait for her future to be decided for her.