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After the great marriage between Princess Catherine of Castle Keep and lord Badrick d’Angerville the two travelled to Champs les Sims and stayed in Catherine’s estate, The Abandoned Nectary. It was a fine estate with large and decorated rooms and Champs les Sims was a very cultured and intellectual place to visit. Lady Catherine had suggested that they would travel there and lord Badrick, who was an avid treasure hunter, was delighted. She introduced him to all the noble families of the kingdom and he was very interested in meeting other collectors as himself. During their stay lord Badrick had also plenty of opportunity to excavate for treasures and relics, something that he readily enjoyed.


Lady Catherine had arranged their whole journey with great detail, everything from their means of travel to all the arrangements at the estate. She had also brought with her the new maid, Loreena le Peasant. The maid was very young, but since their servant, Thomas de Servant, had passed away, they had to take someone in quickly. The journey gave lady Catherine a perfect opportunity to take her under her wing. She knew that to be able to survive under the same roof as Arabella d’Angerville she would need an ally.


On their return to Castle Keep the youngest of the family returned from boarding school to celebrate her birthday. Cristobel grew up into a teenager and gained the virtuouso trait. As it was custom with the children of the noble families, she was quickly sent back to boarding school again, so that she would gain a worthy education. Due to her traits and disposition she was sent to LeFromage Art School.


Arabella was not the one to accept a shift in power without a fight. Since Catherine had step by step taken over the management of the d’Angerville household, she had to find another way to maintain her power in town. She started going to the community bath house, where she would meet other ladies of the nobility to discuss current affairs. On one of these occassions she happened upon the charming Byram Fisher, with his smooth talk and seductive ways he certainly caught the attention of Mrs. d’Angerville.


While lord Badrick spent his days with military training and strategies, the three ladies of the d’Angerville household strategized over the future of the family over a cup of tea. Cedrica was the neutral part, although she mostly sided with her mother, Catherine sympathized with her concerns about marriage and the two had become closer since her arrival. She was not very interested in the power struggle between lady Catherine and her mother, but she found the discussions at least amusing, at least it was a way to pass time.