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Business at Elmer’s private investigation bureau was thriving, he was always very discreet, and although the high society of Castle Keep loved gossip, no details regarding his cases came out, ever. It just couldn’t be otherwise, his discretion was the reason why the nobility kept coming back and asking for help in cases small and large. Was something to slip out, his reputation would be tarnished forever.


While Randall, the heir and only son to the Wall family, could focus on his career and making connections around society, it was a different story for his sisters, Ermengard and Bega. The subject of their marriages was a common topic at the dinner table. Ermengard’s future marriage seemed secured, she had been introduced to Rudd Potter and the two got along very well, it would be a good match and only natural for two merchant families to make such a connection. For Bega it was a whole other story, she just wasn’t interested in getting married, if her family would only leave her alone to her Sim Fu practice.

“Every sim must marry Bega, it’s the natural way of a sim life, it’s what The Watcher wants”, her father told her at dinner one evening while discussing the subject. “Do not fight The Watcher.”

“What about what I want? If The Watcher wanted me to marry and make sims children, why did The Watcher give me the traits of disciplined and athletic? Why was I made this way? Maybe it was something completely different that The Watcher wanted from me. I’d rather join the monastery papa”, she angrily replied.


Although Randall did not concern himself with his marriage, his mother did. Everybody in Castle Keep knew it was the mother’s concern to get their children married, although nobody ever mentioned as much. It was all about the connections, the friendships and social contracts made over a cup of tea between the women of the different families. The Walls had a good reputation and Lecie had the Queen Mother’s ear, so she enquiered about their adopted child, Edie, could she be Randall’s future wife? Sure, she was a bastard, but if she was the King Father’s bastard, it wouldn’t be a bad match for her Randall, and she had a conciderable dowry.


Ermengard was quite happy to have met Rudd Potter, he was an amiable, gentlemanlike sim and they shared a passion for art. It seemed that Mrs. Potter approved of the match and so did her own parents. She felt she would fit very well in the family and she did like Rudd Potter very much. It felt unreal to think that their match would bring so much happiness to her parents, his family and to themselves. She only wished that her sister Bega, would be as lucky and find someone to share her life with.


It was not a bad idea, thought Bega to herself while reading some passages of The Watcher’s scriptures. She had said it without giving it much thought, but it could be an alternative for her. Joining the Aspen Woods Monastery would mean she could focus on her learning, on discipline and contemplation, and she would be able to practice Sim Fu, which was the only thing she wished in life. She had never been a great believer though, could a nun’s life really suit her?