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Suddenly life appeared unfair and tough for Cedrica d’Angerville. As the eldest daugther of the most powerful noble family of Castle Keep, she had grown up with all the privileges, all the pamperings and pleasures a sim could imagine, she just wasn’t used to setbacks. Her mother had intended her to marry the crown prince, it was still a posiblity, since the prince was still unmarried, but the queen mother had strong feelings against the match. It was a true dream to become the next queen, but if that wasn’t possible, marrying the heir to the Vaughan dynasty would suit her well enough. However, it seemed the Vaughan’s prefered Katelyn to her as a wife. Suddenly the future seemed so uncertain and the cruel posibility that she would never marry well, planted a seed in her head. She was inconsolable.


As a grumpy, clumsy and loser sim, Katelyn didn’t find much pleasure in anything else but painting. She didn’t expect much of life and felt adversity to every change that appeared before her. She was sure she would be miserable either path she took in life. That was just the way of the sim world. Certainly she was content that she had charmed the heir of the Vaughan family and would be very comfortably married. She felt even more content knowing that she had done so in competition with her sister Cedrica, her good and beautiful sister, that everybody adored. Who was the loser now?


In the midst of all the drama and controversy at the d’Angerville family, Francis passed on. The sims of Castle Keep would say that he had done great things for the d’Angerville famliy, risen like a phoenix bird from the ashes that the war had left them in. What very few would remember, and even fewer would dare to mention, was that he had been but a silly puppet, the true master-mind of the success of the d’Angerville house, was lady Arabella. However, she would not correct them, it was better this way.


Always in the shadow of the great family he had serverd, Thomas de Servant passed on shortly after his master. The d’Angervilles only noticed the inconvenience they now found themselves in without a live-in servant. The matter of recruiting someone to take his place became very important. Until then they would have to manage with only the butler and the maid.


The day came for a great celebration. Princess Catherine of Castle Keep and Badrick d’Angerville married and a new chapter in the dynasty of the d’Angervilles started. All the great sims of Castle Keep attended the ceremony. Apart from commenting on the fantastic food, the great decorations and lively entertainment, everybody whispered about the shift of power. Was lady Arabella to continue ruling the great house as she pleased? Was Catherine strong enough to take control of the household, and especially her mother-in-law? She was a princess, after all.