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Although love had grown in the arranged marriage between Edmund I and Eleanor I now things were different. After the discovery of Edie, the bastard child of Edmund I and that peasant sim, Mary le Peasant, Eleanor I had felt a breach growing between her and her husband. She tried to keep it to herself, pretending that everything was perfectly fine. She could play the part of a happy wife and a great queen while friends and family looked, but inside she was suffering. The betrayal, the pain and humiliation his actions had brought to her, made it impossible for her to forgive him. During their time at Champs Les Sims she could forget shortly about their problems, but back at Castle Keep she felt the coldness grow in her heart.


Eleanor I was a party animal and quite a popular sim, she threw huge parties at the Royal Castle, inviting the great celebrities of Castle Keep. All was to keep her mind occupied and stop her from thinking about how much she had grown despise her husband. Her friends made her feel alive and young. With Edie away at Smuggsworth Prep School, the incident was almost forgotten, and nobody dared to even insinuate anything about the affair. Edmund I also enjoyed the parties, being a party animal himself, but little by little he came to understand that things were not quite right between him and his wife. Maybe, they would never be right again.


When she was alone, the Queen Eleanor I played music by herself, it was some sort of consolation. During her life she had perfected the skill and her melancholic tunes filled the Royal Castle with feelings. She never played something cheerful when she was on her own. And although she never spoke of her broken heart it was not hard for those who heard her play, how she truly felt about her life.


Catherine was now engaged to Badrick d’Angerville, and although she was not fond of the idea of marrying at all, she wasn’t a sentimental or romantic sim. She always took the logical view on things and found solutions to every problem. Although the two had met very briefly on their engagement celebrations, they were not allowed to meet, specially not unchaperoned, before the wedding day. However, Catherine arranged for them to secretly meet at the library and discuss their future. Badrick was quite impressed by this bold move by his wife to be and decided to hear her out.


Catherine and Badrick talked mainly about their interests and what kind of future they saw together. For Catherine it was quite important to set some ground rules that would allow her some independence. She had been gifted an estate in Champs Les Sims by her father after their travels there, once they were married the estate would legally become Badricks, but he was to give it as a wedding gift to her. She had already drafted the documents and made him sign it right there and then. He was not to utilize it without an invitation from her. It was to be her sanctuary.

“And if I refuse to sign it?” he asked her holding the pen and with a gentle smile on his lips.

“If you refuse, I will do everything in my power to plague your heart out.”

He signed it.