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Autumn had arrived in Castle Keep and at the Royal Castle the whole household was preparing for the cold months to come. After an eventful summer, with the coronation of King Edmund II, things were now more calm and quiet at the big castle.


King Edmund II had taken on his duties as a king very well, he was popular amongst the people of Castle Keep. He was a charismatic sim and he was very much liked for his bravery and ambition, qualities that usually impressed sims of the lower classes. However, there was the question of his marriage, it was important that he married soon, and that he married well, hopefully with one of the ladies of the nobility. It was the duty of the Queen Mother, Eleanor I, to find a suitable sim for him and to prepare his wedding.


Things were not completely uneventful at the Royal Castle this autumn. Edie le Peasant had arrived and was now part of the household. The King Father, Edmund I, had not revealed to anybody that she was his daughter, he merely explained that she was a talented sim that he had taken on as his protégé. She was to be dressed and educated as a lady of the court, since he knew she was full of potential, and he had promised to marry her off well. However, Edie’s arrival was not without any rumors and gossip, everybody at the court could see the uncanny similarity between the young sim and the King Father. It was not only her looks, but also her name, that made the sims of the court think that she was his daughter. It was quite common of bastard sims being given the first name of their real father by the mothers, since they were not able to get their last names.


When the Queen Mother heard of the rumors regarding Edie le Peasant she decided to invite her for a cup of tea together with princess Catherine. She was not to have any scandal at the Royal Castle and decided to meet her before deciding how to proceed. When she met the child, she instantly became certain that Edie was the child of Edmund I. The Queen Mother felt a chill run through her back, but within seconds she decided what she would do.

“Dear Edie, you are a very lucky sim to have received such attention from the King Father,” Eleanor I said kindly. “He believes so much in your potential, that he has taken you as his protégé, you are a talented artist, I’ve heard.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” Edie answered shyly. “I very much like the art of painting.”

“I understand that you come from a very simple family,” the Queen Mother continued. “Who are your parents?”

“My father is a farmer at lord d’Angerville’s estate. His name is Mark le Peasant. My mother is Mary le Peasant.”

The poor child was a diamond in the rough, Eleanor I thought, with her awkward ways and her simple speech, she would not survive for long at the Royal Court.

“If you would like to, I will talk to the King Father to send you to school so that you can obtain a proper education,” the Queen Mother said. “You will learn the ways of the court and find yourself in our society.”

When she heard this Edie rose from her chair and bowed in benevolence.

“Your Majesty, you are most generous,” she said.


“I will send Edie le Peasant to boarding school,” Eleanor I told Edmund I without any explanation, the King Father was taken by surprise but he could sense the Eleanor I had already understood the delicate situation.

“She is to have a proper education and learn the ways of the high society of Castle Keep,” she continued coolly. “Then, when she graduates I will marry her off decently and then I do not want to hear of her again, and I do not want to see her at the Royal Castle.”

Edmund I did not protest. Edie was sent to Smuggsworth Prep School the next morning.