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As tradition was in Castle Keep, when the King became an elder, as soon as the Crown Prince became of age, that is grew into a young adult sim, the succession would take place. The elder King would resign from his post as King, letting the Crown Prince rise to the throne. As soon as the Crown Prince returned from boarding school for his young adult birthday, the preparations for his coronation begun. The whole process was full of rules and traditions that had to be followed into detail, it involved the resignation of the old King, the coronation of the new King and the feast where all of the nobility was invited.


And so it was, how Castle Keep came into a new era, the era of King Edmund II. The coronation was a success and the feast that followed too. After the feast, the whole of Castle Keep only had one thing on their mind, who would be the lucky lady to marry the new King? King Edmund II was a real catch, he was not only very good looking, he was also, charismatic, ambitious and brave, traits that suited well for his position in society. His parents, the court and all those who had been involved in King Edmund II’s upbringing, could not be more proud.


For the King father, Edmund I, the transition, although it was something that followed tradition and that he had expected now for a long time, was still a bit of an abrupt change. Even though he was an elder sim, he felt young, and that he had still a good few sim days to live. He made sure to keep in shape and exercise often, in the hopes that Death would not take him too soon, he wanted to see his wife grow old and see King Edmund II get married and have a child. He was not ready to go just yet.


While Edmund I still had to attend to his duties in the political career, he suddenly found that he had quite a lot of free time on his hands. He spent this time together with his beloved wife, they would take care of their horses, go for long rides around Castle Keep and visit their friends for parties and get-togethers. Life as a retired King and Queen was not that bad after all.


John de Servant, who had had a few very busy days with the coronation of King Edmund II and the festivities at the Royal Castle, could finally relax a bit again. He, as Edmund I, was an elder sim and also realized that his sim days were counted. He was very close to achieving his life-time wish of becoming a renaissance sim, so he was anxious to work on it. He would have hated to leave this world without accomplishing it.