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Life had become very relaxed at the Royal Castle, with late evenings together with friends, food, music and nectar. The Royal Couple would sleep in almost every day and except for a few hours daily when they tended to their Royal duties, they would have lazy days. They were both party-animals and enjoyed a good night out, which meant that the town’s lounges and bars were doing very well, since they often came and spent their simoleons on drinks and food.


As a break in the constant festivities of the Royal Family, prince Lucius II became a teenager and came home from boarding school to celebrate his birthday. The young prince had gained the snob trait while at school, that although not the most favorable of traits, it was expected due to the nature of his upbringing. Privileged children of the noble and royal classes often gained this trait, since they were brought up to believe that they were better than any other sim and thus deserved the things they had.


To celebrate prince Lucius II’s birthday, Queen Eleanor held one of her famous parties. She would probably have held a party anyway, but having a good reason made it all much simpler. The boy was not himself very fond of celebrations, but he realized the importance of making a good appearance, after all, he would probably be matched to marry one of the daughters of the nobility, soon enough.


In the quiet and tranquility of his quarters, John de Servant worked on learning more about cooking, all to achieve his life time wish of becoming a renaissance sim. He had already maxed out gardening and handiness, and he was not far from maxing out cooking now. His dream was very close to his reach indeed.


The day came for Lucius II to be sent back to boarding school again, for once, king Edmund I got up early to enjoy breakfast with the boy before he left. He wanted to make sure that his youngest son knew, that although a second son, his future looked bright and he had much to look forward to on his return from school. If he worked hard, the king would have a great castle built for him where he could move when he married.