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Elder King

As a young adult, King Edmund I had felt invincible, on the verge of immortal. He was the ruler of Castle Keep and there was little that stood in the way of the things he wanted, he could do anything he wanted, he could go anywhere he wanted and if there was anything that he could not do, he could change the laws to please him. At least that was what the young King thought at the time. As he became an elder sim, he realized that a sim life was so different from what he had thought as a young sim. Being the King of Castle Keep did not mean doing and going wherever he wanted, he learned the hard way the duties of being the leader of the kingdom, being a good father and most importantly a good husband. If only he could tell his young self that his sim days were counted.

In spite of the  King’s low spirits, the Royal Court celebrated him with splendor and nobody, except Queen Eleanor, noticed that he seemed sad and nostalgic.

Princess Catherine

While Queen Eleanor I grew into an adult, Princess Catherine became a teenager and went back to the Royal Castle to celebrate her birthday before she headed back to boarding school, as all royal children. She had gained the snob trait, that did not impress her parents very much nor the Royal Court. Still, it was inevitable, as a privileged child raised at Smuggsworth Prep School, it was hardly unexpected.

Life at the Castle

Princess Catherine spent only a day at the Royal Castle before heading back to school, and in that short time, she outplayed her talented mother at the piano with her virtuoso trait and outranked her father at chess with her genius trait. Princess Catherine was truly an accomplished sim, and at such young age, not only was she genius and virtuoso, she was also ambitious which made her devoted to gaining skills and reaching whatever goal she set her mind on.

“She would have made an excellent ruler,” King Edmund I sighed when they bid her farewell.

Green Thumb

For John de Servant, working at the Castle had become much easier since the three royal children were away at boarding school. He now had plenty of time to both read and devote himself to the garden, something that he enjoyed very much. The Royal Couple spent most of their evenings at balls or other parties, so in the evening John found time to chat to the other servants or read his books in the library, of course, after having finishing all the household chores, which weren’t many. In the morning, while the King and Queen slept late, he tended the garden and prepared everything for their breakfast. Although he had plenty of time for himself, he did miss the children sometimes.

Royal Party

Queen Eleanor I was a party-animal, and she loved going out in town, she only wished that there would be more places to go out to. Now that Godiva Vaughan had passed away it was only the d’Angerville noble house that held regular balls apart from the Royal Ball’s at the Castle. There was only the lounge at Chez Victoria and Lord Bacchus’ Ballroom to go out to, at least as a member of the Royal Family, the peasants had their Poor Man’s Dance Square, but it wasn’t appropriate for the Queen to venture there.