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Queen Eleanor I was well on her way to fulfill her life time wish of having a lifetime of the rich and famous. She was certainly extremely rich as the Queen of Castle Keep, and her fame grew quickly. Partly due to her fine piano playing skills, but really, she had always been well-liked by the people and Castle Keep. Once every forth-night she would hold a small concert at the Royal Castle and entertain her friends with some fine tunes. The concerts were much appreciated and being invited to one meant being part of the inner circle of the Royal Court. If you had once had an invitation, it surely did not mean you would get one again, the Queen was always in need to hear about some novelty, routine bored her very much and she was always keen on getting to know new people. This meant she would invite whoever she felt like, and she was not very interested in following royal protocol, which was not always appreciated by the noble families, who always expected invitations from the Royal Family.

Father and Son

King Edmund I’s renewed interest in his family did not only involve his wife, but also his youngest son Lucius. With Prince Edmund II and Princess Catherine away at boarding school, the castle seemed lacking in joy and play. That was life with children well on their way to adulthood, time passed quickly and soon you missed the laughter and the gentle tapping of children’s feet running in the halls. All this made the King feel old and realize that he had to take the chance and be with his children while they were young. Soon, Prince Edmund II would return from boarding school, a grown man as himself and take over the king’s crown. A new era would rise and his own would fall, he wished to see his son thrive as a king and succeed with his duties, but on the other hand, he would feel sad having to step aside.

Learning New Skills

Life as a servant at the Royal Castle was certainly not bad for a sim of the lower class, John de Servant enjoyed quite a lot of privileges working as a servant. John came from a humble home, he did not learn how to read until late in his teens, when he came to the Castle to serve King Lucius. Since then, however, his interest in learning had become very big, the old King, King Edmund I’s father, noticed this interest and allowed the servant boy to read books at the Royal Library. When he became a young adult, John gained the life time wish of becoming a Renaissance Sim and thus wanting to reach the top skill knowledge of at least three skills. This meant that every moment he got, he turned to the library to learn more about his favorite skills. Of course, he chose 3 skills that would do good to his role as head of household at the Royal Castle, and making him even better at his job.

Aging Up

Prince Lucius grew into a child and gained the vegetarian trait, apart from his goodness there was little about the prince that would tell of what kind of sim he would become when grown up. The royal court was intrigued, but expected little of a second son, so he was left to his own. Not many days passed by before the prince was also sent to boarding school, and thus the Royal Castle was emptied of children.

Training Caesar

One who was also refocusing her interests was Queen Eleanor I, with her three children off at school she felt the need to meet new people and would often be away at parties and events around Castle Keep. She was called the celebrating Queen, since she was always throwing balls for different reasons, but it was all in good manner, since she was very loved by both the court and the people of Castle Keep.