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Tilton Potter was not a bad sim, but somehow he was always getting into trouble with his mother. This was a well known fact in the neighborhood. Some speculated that Mrs. Potter’s grumpy temper made it hard for the boy to stay out of trouble, it could be so that she was too harsh on him. It seemed the boy was a constant disappointment to her, probably because she only respected sims with an artistic nature, which he did not have.


The two Potter boys seemed very different from each other, still they got along very well. Although Rudd was the favorite, Tilton was not jealous of him and would always have his back. Tilton was a brave and friendly sim, that made him quite popular and his little brother looked up to him, so the love and respect were mutual.


The artists of the family would spend hours in the studio, Rudd was advancing his painting skills quickly and Winifred was very proud of him. When he was old enough she would teach him how to sculpt. He made an excellent apprentice and was devoted to the skill as well as talented. If the family was capable of raising enough funds, he might even go to boarding school.

Royal Gossip

Life as a writer wasn’t always as dignified and honorable as one would imagine. Osmond was working on a great novel, of course, but until he got it published, he did pieces for the Merchants Guild & Scribe, that published a local newspaper. Some of the pieces he had to write meant finding out the latest gossip of the most important sims in Castle Keep. Although he didn’t like it very much, he found himself rummaging around the Royal Castle at times, to find something interesting to write about. While he would never divulge his means, his pieces were appreciated and he got a bit of money from them.

Being Brave

Tilton Potter finally grew into a handsome teenager, his tough upbringing made him a slob, but his newly acquired freedom as a teenager made him happier than ever. He was brave and hard working, which meant he was ready to find his own luck. He got a part-time job and cared for the horses at his parents house, which meant that he finally could get his mother off his back.