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The Royal Castle

Life at The Royal Castle was a secluded life, unlike any other life in Castle Keep, that is for sure. The Queen and King had sent their two oldest children, Prince Edmund II and Princess Catherine, off to the best boarding school they could find. There they would learn what was required of them to continue the great dynasty they belonged to. This meant that the castle was very desolate and quiet lately. Of course, due to the King and Queen’s love for social life, they held even more parties now than they have ever done. The Queen’s popularity was great so the parties were often quite big, since everybody in court wanted to know her.


King Edmund, realized he was falling in love with his popular Queen. He was that kind of a sim, concerned with reputation and appearances, he couldn’t help it really. He showed his charm to the Queen whenever possible, and the Queen, although she did not quite understand what was different, welcomed the new attention. She was naive and gullible, but finally, there was some happiness to be found at the castle.


What had he done? That was the question the King kept asking himself, over and over again. He was finally happy together with Queen Eleanor I, but he could not forget that he had a bastard child with that young beauty Mrs. le Peasant. If only he could undo everything, and forget. Mary le Peasant had said that the child would be brought up without knowing who the father was, but one was never to be really sure. These things could get out and the gossip in Castle Keep was fierce. He could only hope she would keep her word, maybe he should pay her an allowance to thank for her silence.

Prince Edmund II

On Prince Edmund II’s birthday, the boy returned to the castle from his boarding school for a short vacation. It gave him time to be celebrated with a grand ball and to meet his family shortly before he left for boarding school again. The boy had certainly changed during his time away, he gained the trait of ambitious on his birthday and the court and royal family drew a sigh of release. Finally a trait worthy of a ruler, the boarding school was surely doing him good.

Little Cobalt

At the Royal Stables little Cobalt was born, she looked just like her father, the great stallion Prince. The foal gained the traits of friendly and fast, excellent traits for a horse, now it was up to the trainers to get her fit to ride.