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The day had arrived when the King of Castle Keep, Edmund I, was to marry his betrothed, Eleanor of Othirer. The wedding took place the day after Eleanor had arrived in Castle Keep. Everybody gathered in the Castle Keep Peteran Cathedral to attend the wedding, that was the greatest event taking place in Castle Keep since the declaration of peace of the 50 years war.

King Edmund I was more handsome than ever, and Queen Eleanor I, who albeit a bit clumsy and ungracious, was a true beauty. Everybody held their breath when they exchanged vows and rings in front of the Peteran Priest, Peter the Diligent. The ceremony was the starting point of a new era in Castle Keep and everybody rejoiced in the happiness of the kingdom. With a Queen, the future of Castle Keep was surely secured.

After the formal wedding at the Peteran Cathedral, the King and Queen held a grand celebration at the castle. All the important sims of Castle Keep attended the festivities, members of both the noble houses and other influential sims of the town. It seemed like Eleanor I and Edmund I had really taken to each others liking, hopefully it would be a successful union promising offspring and years of stability.

Local musicians and entertainers performed during the celebration and all the best foods and drinks were served by the royal household. The guests were quite impressed with the extravagant and lavish meals that were served, there had not been a festivity the like since, well, since before the 50 years war. It was of outermost importance that everything was done to perfection, and the head of the royal household, John de Servant, didn’t rest for a second until everybody was satisfied.

One thing that Queen Eleanor I and King Edmund I had in common, was that both were very fond of celebrations and festivities. Several of the members of the nobility also enjoyed a good night of entertainment, so the festivities continued until the young hours of the following day.

When all the guests had finally left the royal castle, Edmund I and Eleanor I had finally a private moment. The most important deed of the wedding celebration was to take place behind closed doors, but reports would be requested by all the influential residents of Castle Keep. An unconsummated royal marriage could be annulled under the laws of the kingdom. Everybody prayed for an heir.